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Max’s Featured In NY Times Fashion Section (Tour Of Warhol)

Max’s Featured In NY Times Fashion Section (Tour Of Warhol)

The quote: “He spent Saturdays in the library. “It had a photo!” he said. “It’s amazing: 231 East 47th Street, fourth floor. The Holy Grail. That’s where he had his ‘50 Most Beautiful People Party,’ where Edie Sedgwick became a star, and so did the Brillo boxes.”

When the Web site company folded two years ago, he collected unemployment and more Warholiana. A fellow Warholite suggested he offer tours. Another prodded him to approach the Little Bookroom, which publishes guides. He was astonished when the company welcomed him, as if Warhol were rewarding him for his hard work.

The tour continued. He stopped at churches where Warhol prayed regularly, paused at his prime address at 57 East 66th Street (completed April 30, 1902, notes his book) and headed downtown, spending a reverent moment before 213 Park Avenue South, which used to be Max’s Kansas City, the famous club.”

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