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Max’s Icon: Andy Warhol

Max’s Icon: Andy Warhol

Billy Name talks about Andy Warhol and his time as in-house photographer at the artist’s famous Factory studio in New York City.

The pair met in 1959 when Billy was moonlighting as a waiter at Serendipity 3, a restaurant famous for its desserts and frequented by Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. Before long, as Billy later put it, “I was sort of like Andy’s boyfriend.”

“I didn’t consider myself a photographer until much later, when people started appreciating the work,” says Billy. “I wasn’t influenced by any other photographer and I hadn’t looked at any books or shows. I just took the camera when Andy handed it to me and said, ‘Here, Billy, you do the stills photography.’ I remember I went to the store the next day and bought the manual for the camera. That’s how it began.”

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