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Max’s Icon: Andy Warhol

Max’s Icon: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s glam-pop approach to everyday objects and celebrities transformed the American art world, but less has been known about how a 1963 drive from New York to Los Angeles inspired the artist’s personal metamorphosis.

“Before this he was called Raggedy Andy,” said Deborah Davis, author of “The Trip,” which examines Warhol’s journey. “He dressed in chinos. He was tongue-tied. He was searching for what he should paint. Then he took this trip and realized he had to package himself differently. He dressed in black. He opened the Factory. This was when he became Warhol.”

Having never traveled cross-country herself, Ms. Davis, 63, said she recognized that she “didn’t know what the landscape looked like,” and recreated the artist’s road trip.

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