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Max’s Icon: David Bowie & Mick Rock

Max’s Icon: David Bowie & Mick Rock

Rock photographer Mick Rock, also know as “the man who shot the seventies” is releasing a new book ‘The Rise of David Bowie:1972-1973′. The book features his photos of Bowie and previously unreleased pictures of the icon both during concert and candid shots. Rock sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about his history with Bowie.

“In 1969 I was barely aware of him but vaguely — he had a hit in England with “Space Oddity.” It was around the time of [the Stanley Kubrick film] 2001: A Space Odyssey. I later remade [the video] in ’72 for “Space Oddity,” where by then David was establishing himself as a star. He was not a star when he made the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars album. So it’s all about projection.

David was projecting like a motherfucker all over the place, not only in his performances, but in his interviews, in his records, in his lyrics reciting lyrics from “Star”: “I could make it all worthwhile as a rock star… I could do with the money… I’m so wiped out with things as they are.” I mean, he wanted it. He was extremely ambitious and he was projecting like mad. He wanted it, he can taste it.”

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