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Max’s Icon: Lydia Lunch

Max’s Icon: Lydia Lunch

The celebrity of riches and being famous for doing nothing is a cycle and I hope one day there will be a cultural rebellion. People will be sick of vacant, culturally bankrupt bullshit based on how much you paid for your dress or surgery. Will there be a generational rebellion? We can hope the next cycle will be anticorporate. Corporations have won – your worth is based on what you make, not what you do or what you say.Lydia Lunch

Born in Rochester, New York, in the 70s Lydia Lunch moved to New York City, where she founded Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Along with bands like James Chance and the Contortions and Mars, the band were an integral part of the no wave scene – a raw, noisy and arty alternative to the more commercial new wave movement of the time, typified by bands like Talking Heads and Blondie.

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Photo by Janette Beckman, 1981