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Max’s Icon: The Ramones 40th Anniversary

Max’s Icon: The Ramones 40th Anniversary

  The Ramones classic self titled debut album turns 40 this month.  The group pioneered rock stardom and continues to expose punk to new generations of fans.  As the album’s reputation for punk continues and pioneer new generations of fans, Rolling Stone published some lesser-known facts about the album. Read some of the facts below and then check out the full article below.

The band had enough songs for three albums by the time it recorded Ramones.

“It wasn’t unusual for a Ramones set to clock in at under 20 minutes when the band were cutting their teeth at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s in downtown New York City. When a longer concert was necessary, they simply took it from the top and repeated the performance.”

They recorded the songs in the same order they played them live. “Much like the Beatles’ 1963 debut, which was recorded in a single marathon session, the Ramones wanted their first LP to have the excitement and spontaneity of their legendary live sets. To this end, the band performed their stage-tested set in the studio over the course of seven days — three for backing tracks, four for vocals. “We recorded the songs in the same order that we played them in our live set at the time,” said Johnny.”

  Read the full article and here.