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Max’s Icons: The B-52s

Max’s Icons: The B-52s

Check out this throwback interview The B-52′s did in the winter of 1979 with Interview Magazine. The band talks about their side jobs, playing their first professional gig at Max’s, and their musical inspirations.

O’BRIEN: What’s the first place you ever played?

FRED SCHNEIDER: At our friend Julie’s Valentine party. Then we played at two birthday parties. And then we played at Max’s [Kansas City in New York].

O’BRIEN: Max’s was your first professional engagement?

CINDY WILSON: Yeah, that was the first time we’d played live. We had been playing with a tape recorder.

O’BRIEN: What was on the tape recorder?

STRICKLAND: It was rhythm guitar, congas and tambourines. We didn’t have drums.

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