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Max’s Memorabilia: The Misfits

Max’s Memorabilia: The Misfits

In 1978, horror punk icons the Misfits rocked Max’s Kansas City.

From its inception, the Misfits were primal. Their music was aggressive, confrontational and dangerous with violent lyrics as seen through the eyes of a monster, coupled with timeless vocal melodies bred from 1950’s rock and roll. Immortalizing black and white B horror films in their music, the Misfits developed a ghoulish and totally unique persona; from their hand made musical weapons to the stiletto hairstyle they called the “devil lock.” It was the early days of punk and they had created a rebellion all their own.

The Misfits have developed a cult following – a pseudo-secret coven known as the Fiend Club, that inspired them to continue to write, record and tour. Since forming forty years ago, the group continues to perform around the world to sold-out audiences.

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