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Max’s Mention: Behind the Scenes of Last Week’s Vinyl

Max’s Mention: Behind the Scenes of Last Week’s Vinyl

Last week Max’s got some major screen time during HBO’s original series, Vinyl. In case you missed it, Salon wrote an excellent piece on the episode while diving into some of Max’s history and the characters featured in the episode. Some highlights below:     200773-newyork-advert-0xn-484x370

The Wailers In its opening shot, you can hear reggae music as the cameras shoot the exterior of Max’s and continue inside. You can see the original lineup of The Wailers opening up for Bruce Springsteen. (A full review of the performance is featured in Max’s Kansas City: Art Glamour Rock and Roll)


Bruce Springsteen  Bruce makes a brief cameo when talking Olivia Wilde’s character, Devon is talking to to Kinky Friedman. “You met Bruce?” Kinky asks, as a skinny bearded young bruce slips through the frame.


John Lennon Another appearance worth noting is John Lennon who was at Max’s with May-Pang.  During the episode, a photographer who closely resembles Anton Perch (who is known for his photography from upstairs at Max’s) attempts to get John’s photo.   06_28054334_94e8b0_2465464a

We’re so happy that Max’s showcased on Vinyl. Max’s was a cultural landmark that has left a lasting impact on music and pop culture history, It brought a specific lifestyle and attitude that has helped propel music and art forward. Glad we could be a part of this series. 

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