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Max’s Moments: Iggy Pop

Max’s Moments: Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop on stage at Max’s – Summer, 1973.

To promote the release of Raw Power, the Stooges were booked for four nights at Max’s Kansas City, the storied venue that served as a home base for Andy Warhol and other fashionable New York scenesters. While Iggy climbed through the audience, a chair slipped from underneath him and he sent a table of glasses shattering against the floor. Iggy landed atop them and emerged sliced and stabbed, but kept performing. Despite attempts to stop the show, Iggy jerked his body in a way that caused blood to spurt at the audience. Attempts to seal the wound with gaffer tape failed, and longtime Detroit buddy Alice Cooper rushed Iggy to the emergency room. Debates have raged for years over whether the injury was accidental or self-inflicted. -Rolling Stone

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Photo by Bob Gruen